Athletistic / Olympic Games. The National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Ukraine has announced an official appeal to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) demanding the suspension of three Russian representatives from participation in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris (France). The Ukrainian side prepared a letter in which it indicated a violation of neutrality on social networks.

Three representatives of the Russian national wrestling team are accused by Ukraine of supporting the SVO. The fact is that Dinara Kudaeva recently published an article on social networks regarding the death of her father during a special operation of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine. Her friends from the national team Olga Khoroshavtseva and Natalya Malishcheva responded to this message from Dinara, who put an animated sticker under the message.

In her message, Dinara Kudaeva called her father a “hero”, which greatly irritated the representatives of the Ukrainian NOC. Ukraine attached to its letter to the IOC a video containing screenshots from Kudaeva’s social media, which show her father dressed in a military uniform and holding a gun.

To be admitted to the 2024 Olympic Games, Russian athletes, according to IOC rules, must accept neutral status and meet the developed criteria. They include a clause about the lack of open support for the SVO and the actions of the Government of the Russian Federation.