Athletistic / Others. On June 12, the BRICS Games began in Kazan. The third day of play ended with a competition in the capital of Tatarstan.

The Russian team continues to confidently lead in the overall competition standings. After three days of Games, the Russians have 78 gold medals to their credit. In addition, Russian athletes won 52 silver and 30 bronze medals.

On the third day of the Games alone, Russian athletes won 38 gold medals. They also replenished their treasure on the third day of the tournament with 28 silver and 15 bronze medals.

The Belarusian team continues to occupy second place. The Belarusians won five gold medals on the third day, they now have 13, 13 silver medals (there are 26) and 25 bronze (28).

The first three are completed by the Chinese team. Chinese athletes won 11 gold, nine silver and six bronze medals.

Full medal rankings for the 2024 BRICS Games

The BRICS Games will conclude on June 24. Athletes from 90 countries participate in the competition.