Athletistic / Artistic gymnastics. Russian gymnast Arthur Dalaloyan spoke about his absence from the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris (France). According to the athlete, he does not regret it.

“For me, the motivation now is above all to set an example, so that the level within the team does not drop, so that those who have just played our sport look at us and want to do something gymnastics for those. Even young athletes, we are real benchmarks. They follow us, they want to beat us.

Plus, it’s nice to feel competitive. However, my main goal after the Tokyo Games was to not lose my place in the next Olympic cycle. Even when we were suspended, I understood that it couldn’t last very long. There will still be a few competitions.

Runner Makarenko about the BRICS Games: “It’s completely absurd to compare them to the Olympics”

To be honest, I don’t know exactly how the status of neutrality is formalized, but I have absolutely no regrets about not having participated in it. And I will not change my position at all, ”quotes Dalaloyan, RT in Russian.