“Russian divers showed even better results at the BRICS Games than in the Chechen Republic” – Moiseeva

“Russian divers showed even better results at the BRICS Games than in the Chechen Republic” – Moiseeva

The leaders of the Russian diving team showed results at the BRICS Games even higher than at the Russian Championships, said the head coach of the Russian team, Svetlana Moiseeva.

The diving competitions at the BRICS Games in Kazan took place from June 16 to 18.

— How would you rate the performance of the Russian team at the BRICS Games?

— I’m happy with our team, the guys did their best. They even showed better results than at the Russian Championship. Maybe not everyone succeeded. Sasha Cherepakhin, for example, jumped very well in the preliminary part, but could not rally for the final part. I am very happy for the youth, for Victoria Kazantseva, who in the preliminary part showed the maximum points in our country. At the same time, she didn’t really make it in the final, but the result was good, I’m glad she didn’t flinch and was able to win. Nadezhda Trifonova and Ulyana Klyueva repeated their result as at the Russian Championship. I am happy with our team which is performing consistently and beautifully.

The competitions were very interesting, there were duels, like yesterday Kristina Ilinykh and Elizaveta Kuzina. The day before, Schleicher and Bondar jumped magnificently, and the intensity of the fight was felt. It’s a shame that this tension arises between us. I would like to see more foreign athletes present at these competitions. After watching this tournament, I think some foreigners will regret not coming. The organization is of a very high standard, the event coverage is excellent and the pool itself has been updated. The swimming pool is already cozy, we have known it since 2013. It is very pleasant to jump in. The good news is that there are a lot of spectators in the stands. There were not many fans at the Russian Championship,” reports the correspondent, according to Moiseeva’s words.

The BRICS Games in the capital of Tatarstan will end on June 23.

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