Athletistic / Athletics. Russian track and field athlete Sergei Shubenkov thanked the organizers of the BRICS Games. The competitions take place in Kazan.

Shubenkov took 2nd place in the 110m hurdles.

Vaitsekhovskaya spoke about the diving competitions at the BRICS Games, where the Russian had no opponents

“I still have motivation. For this we had great competitions where you can prove yourself. In addition, there are good rewards, so even with all my injuries I want and I can even succeed.

To what extent can these competitions replace the Olympic Games and world championships? It is clear that the purely sporting level is lower, since the best athletes on the planet come together at the Olympic Games and the World Championships. But why shouldn’t we do anything now because of this? Not organizing competitions and not participating in them?

It’s not us who refused to participate in international competitions – it’s up to the IOC and international sports federations to ask themselves why they did this to us. So thanks to those who organize tournaments such as the BRICS Games and other competitions. This gives us the opportunity to continue doing what we love,” Choubenkov said, as quoted by Izvestia.