Athletistic / BRICS Games – 2024. Russian Olympic diving champion Ilya Zakharov believes that the German and British teams will participate in the BRICS Games. In 2024, the competition will take place in Kazan

“We need to mix with each other, glorify the sport, especially now. Thank goodness as a country we created these competitions in the first place, and even unfriendly countries have come to us. . I’m sitting at the opening and I see Germany arriving.

There were flags of these countries. Maybe they played exotic sports.

Hostile? In no way am I comparing all this with sport. But we call them that now, it’s time. If we now say “friendly,” it will generally be wrong. But on the contrary, I am happy to see them at the BRICS Games. You see the German flag and you think: it’s great that they came! Russia puts aside the unsportsmanlike moments and says: go through the woods with your politics. We will create our own and be friends,” Zakharov said according to Sport-Express.

The BRICS Games 2024 will be held in Kazan from June 12 to 23, 2024. This year marks the fifth BRICS Games. They were first organized in 2016. This time, 387 sets of medals will compete in 27 sports. Athletes from 93 countries will participate in the event.