Athletistic / Figure skating. The mother of figure skater Sofia Titova explained why her daughter decided to compete for the Armenian national team. Earlier it became known that the Russian changed her sports citizenship.

According to the figure skater’s mother, the decision is linked to the mental proximity to Armenia.

Zheleznyakov: “Titova’s change of citizenship is a small loss for our figure skating”

“The choice fell on Armenia. Everything developed organically, several factors came together. Firstly, from a spiritual point of view, Armenia is very important for us as believers, Christians live there.

At the final of the Russian Junior Grand Prix – 2023, Sofia improved her performance by performing four ultra-c elements in her free program, including three in stunts and combinations. It was a one-off rental, but ratings weren’t given for a long time. The stands were buzzing and I realized that if she wasn’t judged fairly here, we would have to consider the possibility of competing for another country. Then everything happened by itself.

Evgeniy Viktorovich (Plyushchenko, Sofia Titova’s coach) deeply loves and respects Armenia.

I think everything will go as planned: popularity will come, Sophia will be able to adequately represent the Republic of Armenia on the international stage,” Sputnik Armenia quotes the figure skater’s mother.