“If we didn’t like the Kadyrov/Mironov duo, we wouldn’t have put them together. Outwardly, they adapt” – Moskvina

“If we didn’t like the Kadyrov/Mironov duo, we wouldn’t have put them together. Outwardly, they adapt” – Moskvina

Skaters Yasmina Kadyrova And Ilya Mironov Outwardly, they suit each other, they would not have been paired if they had not been liked, the honored coach of Russia told . Tamara Moskvina .

Kadyrova and Mironov began training together in April.

– You have a new couple – Yasmina Kadyrova / Ilya Mironov. How do you like these guys together?

“Now they are adapting to each other, restoring the elements established with other partners. Well, what are the expectations? When you start working, you set yourself the goal of teaching and presenting to specialists, judges, and then we will see. If they did not like them, they would not be brought together. Outwardly, they suit each other.

— How did the option with Ilya come about?

— Coach Arina Andreevna Ushakova herself called Arthur Leonidovich Minchuk and said that she had such an athlete, and, unfortunately, a long search for a partner did not give results. She suggested trying it.

— Are you and Arthur Minchuk comfortable working with Mironov?

“We don’t work with him, but he with us.” It doesn’t matter if he’s comfortable. If you come to a group, you have to listen to the coaches and not ask yourself if he’s comfortable.

— Did you try to persuade Kadyrova’s former partner Valery Kolesov to stay in the sport?

– For what? If a 23-year-old person decides that he does not want to continue skating, there is no point in persuading him. The guy is an adult, he decided to change his destiny. It is his right.

— Do you keep in touch with him?

– Of course, he has now successfully passed his exams at the institute and will soon receive a diploma. “I always try to stay in touch with my former students, and they with me,” Moskvina told .

Kadyrova has previously played in tandem with Kolesov. Last season, they took third place at the Russian Grand Prix and posted seventh place at the national championship. The duo’s breakup was announced in February.

Mironov is a silver medalist at the Youth Olympic Games and in the final of the Junior Grand Prix series, in a pair with Diana Mukhametzyanova. The skater also performed with Ekaterina Geinisch and Taisiya Sobinina.

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Source : MatchTV

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