Athletistic/Others. Today, July 5, it became known about the decision of the administration of the Republic of Crimea regarding athletes from this region. Athletes who qualified for the 2024 Olympic Games but refused to participate in them will receive compensation in the amount of one million rubles. Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Dmitry Svishchev spoke about this.

– The motivation for refusing to compete is somewhat controversial, in my opinion. The leadership of our country said that in this difficult period of sanctions against Russian sports, we must do everything possible to make athletes go through it less painfully. When they are deprived of participation in competitions, when our country is prohibited from holding tournaments on the territory of Russia, and other national federations threaten to refuse to participate if Russia appears, then our main task is to make domestic athletes go through this period less painfully, as I have already said. To do this, we need to hold competitions, provide them with some kind of motivational element, “Svishchev was quoted as saying by Match TV.