Prigoda prepares for Baltic Sea Cup after Russian Cup final

Prigoda prepares for Baltic Sea Cup after Russian Cup final

Medalist at the World Swimming Championships Kirill Prigoda said that after the Russian Cup final he was preparing to participate in the Baltic Sea Cup.

The Russian Cup final will take place in Yekaterinburg from July 23 to 28, and the Baltic Sea Cup will take place in Kaliningrad from August 1 to 2.

— I am preparing for the Russian Cup, now the last stage of preparation is taking place in St. Petersburg.

— Did you go to Kabardinka for the training camp?

— Yes, I spent part of a recovery camp there, part of a training camp. I rested after three weeks of active starts, after which I began to slowly get involved and get involved. I understood that the summer was coming, during which I had to show results. 90% of this workflow is done, 10% remains.

— Did the news of the doubling of the prize money motivate you?

— I heard about it, but I didn’t attach much importance to it. I was brought up that way: first the result, then the prizes. We have to work, show the best seconds. You have to get up from the start and show your best time. There will be an interesting fight in the Cup final, not only within styles, but also between styles. It will be interesting, for sure.

— Will you go to Kaliningrad?

– Necessarily. I really like it there. The area is very pleasant – clean air, excellent nature, friendly people. “I am always happy to take part in events in Kaliningrad,” Prigoda told .

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