Athletistic/Rowing slalom. The authorities of the Slovak town of Liptovsky Mikulas refused to accept Russian athletes to the world junior and junior rowing slalom championships, the head coach of the Russian national rowing slalom team Maxim Obraztsov said.

“We planned to go to Slovakia and started to grant neutral status to the athletes. But then they found out that we were not allowed to go there and they stopped this process, even though the International Canoe Federation had already added our athletes to its list. The Slovak Federation supported our participation in the championship, but the city hall opposed it. Our athletes, of course, were a little upset, but we have a fairly busy internal schedule. Last year, a new world-class sports facility opened in Russia.

“We have a young team and the guys have everything ahead of them. They quickly gathered, revised their plans and continued to work. In September, the World Cup stages will take place, to which neutral Russian athletes are allowed, but for now we are not preparing for these starts,” Obraztsov was quoted as saying by TASS.

  • Russian rowers will not participate in Paris Olympics