Athletistic/OI-2024. The Russian bid for the 2024 Olympic Games, after the wrestlers’ refusal to participate in Paris, now includes only 14 people. Tennis player Elena Vesnina is still waiting for the decision of the IOC commission.

The full list of participants in the Paris Games on July 6 is as follows:

Tennis: Daniil Medvedev, Roman Safioullin, Pavel Kotov, Ekaterina Alexandrova, Mirra Andreeva, Diana Schneider, Elena Vesnina (awaiting the decision of the commission).

Cycle highway: Tamara Dronova, Alena Ivanchenko, Gleb Syritsa.

Jumping on a trampoline: Angela Bladtseva.

Canoe: Alexei Korovachkov, Zakhar Petrov.

Swimming: Evgeny Somov.

  • Zhurova spoke about the refusal of Russian wrestlers from the Paris Olympics