Athletistic / Figure skating. Former world boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. of the United States has said that Russian Alina Zagitova, the 2018 Olympic champion in Pyeongchang, South Korea, is his favourite figure skater.

“I know Alina: she’s an Olympic champion and my favourite figure skater,” Jones is quoted as saying by Match TV.

On July 6, as part of the Moscow Sports Day, Roy Jones Jr. held a training session with rapper Dzhigan, after which he met with fans and communicated with the media. Following him, Alina Zagitova appeared on stage, who also spoke with the gathered spectators.

In the summer of 2019, Zagitova announced the suspension of her figure skating career. Interestingly, so far she has not officially announced her final retirement from the sport. The figure skater is the 2018 Olympic champion in single skating, the silver medalist of these Games in team competitions, the world champion (2019) and the winner of the Grand Prix Final (2017).

She currently works as a TV presenter and participates in various ice shows. Soon her school will appear in Kazan.