A participant of the “Europe – Asia” marathon died during the race – media

On Sunday, during the Europe-Asia marathon, one of the participants, 37-year-old Ilyas Malenkov, died, reports E1.ru, citing colleagues of the deceased.

Ilyas worked on the Sverdlovsk Railway. The young man was fond of sports and often participated in races.

– He left a grandson, he is four years old. It’s a shame for the guy, he was so nice, athletic. Now we are raising funds to organize a funeral to support the young widow,” Ilyas’ colleagues said.

According to the organizers of the “Europe – Asia” marathon, they are not aware of the death of the participant. At the same time, they confirm that Ilyas fell ill after 10 kilometers. The ambulance took the living man to the hospital, but the organizers do not know how the events developed and relatives have not contacted them.

– I have a medical certificate from this participant, he gave it to the organizing committee. Doctors deemed him to be in good health and fit to run the marathon. Everything is very serious with us, we absolutely need references. And our doctors are on duty the whole distance and provide assistance if anyone gets sick,” said competition organizer Andrey Utkin.

A total of 40 athletes required medical attention during the Europe-Asia race. Five of them were hospitalized, including Malenkov.

Source : MatchTV

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