“Ulyana is neither the first nor the last, it’s not about removing Russia from international competitions” – Rodnina on the departure of figure skater Shiryaeva to Canada

The change of sports citizenship of skaters is a common practice, it is not worth “arranging a drama” since the departure of Ulyana Shiryaeva to Canada, believes the deputy of the State Duma, triple Olympic champion Irina Rodnina .

Earlier, Canadian Figure Skating Federation director Mike Slipchak said 15-year-old Shiryaeva had been cleared to compete in a local tournament, which will take place August 18-21 in Burnaby. The athlete moved to Canada earlier in 2022.

– There is nothing terrible in the very fact of changing sports citizenship. This is normal practice for figure skating. We can recall here the Olympic champion Marina Anisina, who played for France, and the native of Ukraine, Alena Savchenko, who won gold at the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang under the flag of Germany. Therefore, Shiryaeva is neither the first nor the last, and this is not about removing Russia from international competitions. It is difficult for me to say whether Ulyana went to Canada to be able to play, but talking about the theft is not entirely true. In fact, we are talking about a child who does not have the right to sign any document. Parents now bear full responsibility. There is no need to organize a tragedy from scratch,” Rodnina told RT.

Shiryaeva became 11th in the Russian Championship among juniors in 2022.


Source : MatchTV

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