“Rules should be the same for everyone” – Legkov on Norway’s doping scandal

Olympic champion Alexander Legkov in a conversation with , he commented on the doping scandal in Norway.

Previously, the country’s sporting authorities had expressed concern that the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) could deprive the local anti-doping committee of compliance status and impose sanctions on athletes due to a legal obstacle that does not allow doping tests of athletes aged 15 to 18 without parental permission and advance notice of the arrival of anti-doping officers. This law has been in force in Norway for at least two years.

We have to see how the situation develops in the future. If Norwegians are told: “You can do anything” and they simply close their eyes to what is happening, then it is wrong. The rules should be the same for everyone. If the WADA code states that no one can be informed in advance of the arrival of anti-doping agents, that should apply to everyone.

How is it that this law has been in force in Norway for two years now? I do not know. With the Norwegians, we did not even discuss this topic closely. We thought the laws were the same everywhere. Even the Norwegian media are talking about it now. Well, now let them explain how they did it,” Legkov told .

Source : MatchTV

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