The figure skating judge explained how the bonus grid was changed at the Russian tournaments

Figure skating judge Vladislav Mirzoev, in a conversation with , explained how the rules have changed this season in domestic competitions.

Earlier there were reports in the media that in Russian figure skating they will change the bonus system for program elements.

– Due to some changes in the rules, the bonus accrual system we have in domestic competitions has also changed a bit.

If we talk about men and juniors, the changes here are not very significant. A fairly fundamental change is that the bonus values ​​for performing solo quadruple loop/flip/lutz (1 point) and the aforementioned cascade jumps or a combination of triple jumps (2 points) are split. Previously, in a combination and a combination with a quadruple loop, flip or lutz, it was conditionally allowed to do any double jump. For this, a bonus of 2 points was granted.

The bonus grid for women and juniors has been changed much more significantly. Here we have already divided the performance of a triple Axel / quadruple jump solo (1 point) and the performance of a combination or combination of a triple Axel / quadruple jump plus a double or triple jump (1 point).

Another significant revision was the introduction of a 2-point bonus for performing two or more different quadruple jumps in a free program.

I suppose that to motivate athletes and coaches to study the turning jump at a higher level of quality, a very large bonus of 2 points was introduced for all categories for performing a turning jump of the fourth level of complexity with an average GOE of at least +4,” said. Mirzoev.

Source : MatchTV

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