“Lokhanov showed weakness. This act will not bring her glory.” – Svetlana Zhurova

saber fencer Konstantin Lokhanov who fled to the United States, showed weakness, the Olympic champion told Svetlana Zhurova .

Earlier it became known that Lokhanov flew to the United States and decided to become a coach there. He also offered to follow his example to his wife, two-time Olympic champion Sofia Pozdnyakova. In response, she refused and filed for divorce.

– All rehearsals. There has already been a period in the history of our country when people have committed such acts. It was during the Iron Curtain. By the way, the goals on this side are also similar now. Unfortunately, there are people who can.

It is very difficult for well-known personalities who previously had a patriotic attitude towards the country to find their way around. When you leave here with condemnation and the awareness of this condemnation, it becomes difficult in a foreign country, and the connection with your homeland is lost. Many people have suffered because of this and ended up not doing very well. Some, by the way, later returned.

As for Lokhanov in particular, he showed weakness. Why did he do it? I do not know. Maybe he thinks it will bring him fame and glory? Will not bring. Now, all over the world, the books of great Russian writers are removed from the shelves of libraries, the music of our outstanding composers is banned. Does he think his arrival there will change his attitude towards him as a Russian person? Or will he cease to be Russian after the move? Will he also give it up? What are the guarantees that everyone will like it there?

If you look at the interim decision on who will now receive visas, dissenters appear there. In other words, they are ready to give visas to dissidents, to accept them in order to reinforce the propaganda that good people are leaving Russia. Apparently, they want to demonstrate that it is impossible to live in our country.

If I understood correctly, they saw that our athletes were not at all seeking a massive change of citizenship. Apparently they thought everyone would go overseas, but that didn’t happen. Therefore, there will now be a point attack. They will seek to find out who is psychologically ready for this and continue to offer options. We have been deprived of a flag, an anthem, competitions, but our athletes are still not going anywhere. And they need it to reinforce propaganda. This was also the case during the days of the Soviet Union, Zhurova told .

Lokhanov is a four-time junior world champion.

Source : MatchTV

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