Swordsman Lokhanov, who escaped to the United States, tries to find a coaching job there

According to , the Russian swordsman Konstantin Lokhanov who moved to the United States, is trying to obtain a work visa there and find a job as a coach.

Earlier, had learned that the four-time junior world champion, member of the Russian fencing team Konstantin Lokhanov, had been in the United States for several months and had no plans to return there, being pending of divorce twice. Olympic champion Sofia Pozdnyakova .

Unlike his wife, in Japan Lokhanov played unsuccessfully, finishing 1/16 in the final. The swordsman missed the post-Olympic season due to a serious injury that required surgery. The operation and subsequent recovery took place in Germany, from where he flew to the United States without telling anyone. It will be difficult for a swordsman to continue his sports career, and it is for this reason that he seeks a coaching job through his former compatriots.

Source : MatchTV

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