Sofia Pozdnyakova divorces Konstantin Lokhanov, who fled to the United States

As it became known from “”, the Russian saber fencer, quadruple world champion among juniors Konstantin Lokhanov has been in the United States for several months and has no intention of returning to Russia. His wife, double Olympic champion Sofia Pozdnyakova daughter of the head of the ROC Stanislav Pozdnyakov decided to divorce.

Lokhanov, 23, was one of the main hopes of the Russian men’s saber team, which has been in crisis for a few years – the Russians have not won the world championship in this type of weapon since 2016. Lokhanov, representing the Saratov region, made a name for himself in 2017 and 2018, having won the Junior World Championships twice in individual and team competitions. Having become a candidate for the Russian national team, he, like many other fencers, became one of the athletes of CSKA.

In September 2020, Lokhanov married Sofia Pozdnyakova, saber fencer for the Russian national team, two-time world champion and daughter of Stanislav Pozdnyakov, president of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC). A year later, Sofia won two Olympic gold medals in Tokyo.

Unlike his wife, in Japan Lokhanov played unsuccessfully, finishing 1/16 in the final. The swordsman missed the post-Olympic season due to a serious injury that required surgery. The operations and subsequent recovery after taking place in Germany. According to their results, the doctors recommended that Lokhanov end his career.

He, in turn, without informing any of the leaders of the Russian Fencing Federation (FFR), decided to fly to the United States and try to train in a country that corresponds to his ideas of a good life. Lokhanov offered to do the same with his wife, but Sofia refused to leave Russia and for a long time tried to persuade Konstantin to return to his homeland. As a result, the two-time Olympic champion filed for divorce, which can be legally pronounced in the near future. The Russian Fencing Federation no longer considers Lokhanov as a possible candidate for the national team.

Source : MatchTV

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