Why anti-Russian propaganda is getting worse. Chronicle of Veronika Stepanova

Why anti-Russian propaganda is getting worse.  Chronicle of Veronika Stepanova

Hi Stepanova

When can we see you running again? I really miss you Russians on the starting line! Skiing is nothing without you!

I wish you the best!

From Norway, BO

Hi Stepanova!

When can we see you running again? I really miss you Russians at the start! Cross-country skiing is nothing without you!

All my wishes! From Norway, BO

It’s not anonymous and not a bot. He’s a real person from northern Norway, he works in the port, he has two small children, two not-so-small dogs and a nice big motorbike, he’s clearly proud of himself. What he is not at all proud of is the position of the political and sporting authorities of his country in relation to the expulsion of Russian skiers.

My Norwegian fan is not at all Russophile, it would be difficult to make him a “victim of Russian propaganda”, judging by his posts on social networks. He is an inveterate liberal, firmly opposed to racism and gender equality.

He’s just a reasonable person, and there are more and more of them.

… I remember very well that six months ago all kinds of “benefactors” wrote to me from abroad. After reading and listening to their own media, they predicted the impending collapse of Russia, chaos and mobs fighting for Europe. And I should, from their point of view, be at the forefront of this current – on the grounds that I just have a great chance of having time to make a career in Norway or Finland (for some reason, not in Sweden – I can’t explain).

Just walked into the crowd last weekend. The crowd is happy, excited, smiling. Nearly 10,000 people at the start of the Perm marathon and the holiday atmosphere.

Well, it didn’t look like a crisis and chaos at all – people from all over the country gathered in the industrial capital of the Urals. Play sports. And also to communicate and simply enjoy life.

I was incredibly tired after two days of continuous communication, photo shoots and seminars. For me it was a real marathon – it’s not easy to be in the spotlight all the time. But I’m incredibly happy to have flown to Perm and been part of this wonderful celebration of body and soul. This has spoken with so many interesting people. And, it seems, she felt the mood of Russia, and real Russia, and not the old visitors of fashionable Moscow cafes, who have now left (yes, I have such acquaintances ).

A strong, strong, confident attitude and a desire to solve all problems and move forward – that’s what I felt in Perm.

By the way, gasoline in the Urals is about three times cheaper than what I recently filled up at a gas station in Austria. As for electricity… I don’t even want to scare you, “Western partners”, with the price difference.

In general, this job, compare prices, much better than me Is tabloid The Sun, which no one has yet suspected of liking Russia.

It seems to me that more and more people in the West are starting to realize that we have not collapsed, but on the contrary, they are facing a difficult winter. By the way, I’m sure they’ll survive it, get through it, overcome it. They are also strong, resourceful, they also know how to endure. The only question is: why, why in the name of giving up the usual benefits? Including full-fledged sports competitions.

I can feel the change in mood there from the tone of the messages coming through. There is less and less anonymous hate, the attempts at moralizing have disappeared completely, but more and more “I miss you Russians”, as my new friend BO writes.

There is no naivety. As my senior teammate, the respected Alexander Andreyevich Bessmertnykh, recently put it, “the politicians there are absolutely purple what he thinks.” “He” in this case is Johannes Klebo, who timidly spoke of the need for the return of Russian skiers to the international scene. Perhaps Johannes also feels that people around him have started to think differently. Already a step in the right direction.

By the way, not everything is limited to words. After a break, more and more practical contacts are restored. Some Western companies in our ski industry are quietly returning to Russia. And to completely replace the deceased (there are few, but there are), new ones are beginning to arrive. I hope to give more details on this topic soon. Don’t turn off!

Source : MatchTV

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