Alla Shishkina: “Early retirement does not please, it is more interesting to index scholarships for each Olympic medal”

Three-time Olympic synchronized swimming champion Alla Shishkina Told that she was not very interested in the possibility of lowering the retirement age for professional athletes, the athlete finds more interesting the idea of ​​indexing the scholarships for each medal of the Olympics.

At an expanded meeting of the Athletes’ Commission of the Russian Olympic Committee in Moscow on Thursday, a proposal to consider the issue of lowering the retirement age for professional athletes in Russia was made by medalists from the Games, freestyler Sergei Ridzik and volleyball player Ekaterina Gamova. .

– As far as I know, Ekaterina Gamova came up with the idea of ​​early retirement for honored masters of sports – world champions and Olympic medalists. Not for all athletes. To be honest, my followers often ask me about early retirement, they all think we have early retirement at 35 as ballet dancers, and they’re surprised when I say that’s not the case.

To be honest, I personally would be more interested in pecking the presidential scholarship for each gold medal. I have three, the purse is 52,000. If for every 52,000, that would be cool. Early retirement isn’t particularly attractive because I’m not going to retire and not work – they’ll work as long as I can,” Shishkina told .

The Russian synchronized swimmer ended her professional career last year.

Source : MatchTV

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