Zealous believes the ski community would have long since come out in favor of Russia’s return, if it were strong

Multiple winner of the cross-country skiing world championship Gleb Zele in a conversation with a correspondent, he expressed the opinion that Russia could have returned to international competitions for a long time if the world ski community was really strong.

Earlier, five-time Olympic champion Johannes Klebo said he would like Russian skiers to return to the World Cup this season.

In early July, the International Ski Federation (FIS) extended the suspension of Russians from tournaments under its auspices until the end of the summer season, a decision regarding the winter season has not yet been made. The FIS Council meeting is scheduled for early October.

– I just saw news that Klebo first spoke strongly about us, and then the Russians should be fired. At the same time, I did not read the statements themselves … However, it is good if he really said it. Look, there were no Norwegian and Russian athletes at the last stages of the World Cup. As a result, the French dominated …

This is an indicator that the Norwegians themselves will not be interested in participating. And the rest will become generally do not care. It really is! If there is no us, then for them there is a completely different competition. They won’t worry about the outcome, and no one else will raise this competition. If the ski community was strong, everyone would have said a long time ago: we are going to compete with Russia, we want to see this country strong at the start. So if Klebo said that, then he understands everything perfectly. He also wants to compete with the strongest otherwise the interest dies out, Zealous told .

Source : MatchTV

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