The zealous skier doesn’t know how the national team leaders’ participation in national competitions will affect other athletes

Silver and bronze medalist of the cross-country skiing world championships Gleb Zele in a conversation with a correspondent, he admitted that he did not know how the participation of the country’s strongest athletes in national competitions would ultimately affect other skiers.

On Saturday, Retivykh won gold in the sprint race at the Russian Roller Ski Championship in Tyumen.

In early July, the International Ski Federation (FIS) extended the suspension of Russians from tournaments under its auspices until the end of the summer season, a decision regarding the winter season has not yet been made. The FIS Council meeting is scheduled for early October.

– Now the atmosphere is more Russian competitions, or are there hopes for the World Cup?

“Why constantly torture illusions and hope for something?” Allowed – good. Otherwise, it does not matter, we will race in Russia. It is not up to us. But there is always a choice. There will be no departures abroad, but they will be inside the country. That’s all. The only thing is that there are different motivations. Like I said, it’s hard to find. When you are used to performing at the stages of the World Cup, then Russian departures are no longer perceived as such…

It’s not for nothing that even many coaches often talk about it: imagine that the same Bolshunov (three-time Olympic champion Alexander) and other leaders of the national team usually run well with each other, but you can lose so much in a year without international practice… You still want to compete with the strongest in the world and not just within the country. If Bolshunov wins all the races, will he be interested? Moreover, I have repeatedly said that if 20 people from the national team constantly occupy the first places in national competitions, what should the other athletes do.

– You mean there will be no road for young people?

– Well, I’m thinking about this nuance. Maybe sometimes I try to understand or think too deeply about a problem. For my part, I wonder: what will be the result in the end?

Source : MatchTV

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