Gerboldt admitted figure skaters Smolkin and Davis will return to Russia

Russian figure skater Catherine Gerboldt in an interview with she assessed the prospects of the Russian dance duo Diana DavisGleb Smolkin in the United States and admitted that the athletes would return to Russia.

Earlier, the media reported on the possible departure of the dance duo to another team. On Monday it was reported that the skaters have become members of the US Figure Skating Federation and now Smolkin will play for club SCNY and Davis for ION.

– Some American athletes will end their career, someone will not be able to compete for various reasons. Accordingly, if someone falls, the place on the pedestal will become much closer for Diana and Gleb. They were a very promising dance duo for the next four to eight years.

I think they have a bright future and I wish them much success. Unfortunately not with us – but so far there is no confirmation of this. Maybe they’ll get some experience there and then come back – who knows,” Gerboldt said.

Source : MatchTV

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