“The management of the FFKKR finds a way for the skaters to stay motivated.” Yagudin – in increased prize money at domestic competitions

Olympic champion Alexei Yagudine in telegram channel congratulated the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKKR) for increasing the amount of prize money at national competitions in the new season.

On Monday, the FFKKR announced the amount of prize money that athletes will receive for national competitions this season. For first place in the championship of Russia, a reward of 2.5 million rubles is provided, for victory in the Grand Prix series – 1 million, at the Grand Prix stage – 500 thousand.

– I would once again like to respect Alexander Gorshkov and Alexander Kogan, who in these difficult times for skaters find an opportunity for guys to stay motivated, pursue their careers and work. I don’t know how I would react and force myself to train if I had such a situation during the years of my sports career.

It’s really hard to stay motivated without international competitions. But thanks to the FFKKR, platforms are being created so as not to be demotivated. The monetary component is also important. 100,000,000 rubles is a significant prize for the whole season. Sponsors gladly go to figure skating. More and more skaters are becoming the faces of advertising campaigns. Not hockey players, not football players, but a lot of publicity with figure skaters. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the sponsors were so eager to sponsor the season. This is the result of good management by the federation.

And, of course, the main factor is that we have the best skaters and coaches in the world. I will gladly participate in this tournament. In what status is this an open question,” Yagudin wrote.

Source : MatchTV

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