“The show program tournament is scheduled for my birthday. It is premature to plan anything” – Yagudin

Olympic figure skating champion Alexei Yagudine does not exclude that he can participate in the show programs tournament. He talked about it to .

Earlier, the Russian Figure Skating Federation announced a show program tournament, in which everyone can participate, including athletes who have finished their careers. The tournament will be held in Moscow from March 18 to 19, 2023. The prize fund will be 10 million rubles.

– When you are an active athlete between the ages of 18 and 20, you can plan six months ahead. And at 42, we just live, we enjoy every day and we systematically orient ourselves towards certain specific events.

Since the show program tournament is scheduled for my birthday on March 18, it is premature for me to plan anything for myself, both physically and psychologically. Basically, why not? But you have to at least survive the New Year,” Yagudin told .

Source : MatchTV

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