Trusova: “I will never jump a quadruple axel. But in the future, the girls will also make quintuplets.

Olympic silver medalist figure skater Alexandra Trousova said that in the future, in women’s skating, athletes will perform a quadruple and a quintuple axel.

American figure skater Ilya Malinin in September, for the first time in history, was able to perform a quadruple axel in competition properly and entered the Guinness Book of Records.

— I always approach the new season with a good mood. I will ride for the fans. I have a lot of support, I will try to please them. Sports tasks for the season? They are not there.

– Recently, Malinin landed a quadruple axel. Is it really possible to repeat this?

– Volume? I will never jump a quadruple axel, I will jump a triple. But in the future, I think the girls will jump both the quadruple and the quintuple Axel. When? Nobody knows. So far, only one man performs this jump. But before that, they also didn’t know when we would jump on quads,” Trusova said in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Russian figure skaters have been suspended from participating in international tournaments due to the situation in Ukraine.


Source : MatchTV

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