Choreographer Navislavskaya says Plushenko’s Sex Bomb program ‘ripped her to pieces’

Choreographer Elizaveta Navislavskaya, who works with figure skating coach Alexei Mishin’s group, told how impressed she was with the program Evgenia Plushenko which he performed under the song Sex Bomb.

Plushenko first presented the program at a gala concert after the World Championships in Vancouver in March 2001. Subsequently, he performed it several times on the show.

– When I was little, the Sex Bomb program practically tore me into candy wrappers (laughs). There was also a pair skating program with Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze, where they appeared in the form of beggars. I remember her from childhood with photos. Several years later I learned that at that time Alexander Alexandrovich Stepin, a theater teacher at the Russian Ballet Academy, was working with Moskvina figure skaters. And when I appeared, there was kind of an alternate story development. We are doing something very similar, as the coaches say,” Navislavskaya told the “Championship”.


Source : MatchTV

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