Zhulin compared to Russian “cannon fodder” figure skaters who received a call for mobilization

Honored coach of Russia in figure skating Alexander Zhulin considers it necessary to exempt members of the Russian national team from conscription for partial mobilization Dmitry Aliyev and Makara Ignatova who had received an earlier summons to the military registration and enlistment office.

As became known to , the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKKR) requested a postponement through the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation for Aliyev and Ignatov.

– They said they would call the conscripts who were transferred to the reserve. I believe that if Russian athletes are involved, it will only be for general physical training purposes in certain camps. I don’t think this is the right solution. I expected that the collections would not be affected.

They have to go to the editorial board and pretend they exist. I don’t think they will be called. If they are called, it is not quite the right decision. Moreover, these are people who have no experience at all. If they succeed, then it is a sporting enterprise and formally, therefore, it is cannon fodder, – Zhulin is cited by the “Championship”.

Aliyev is 23 years old, in 2020 he won the European Championship. Ignatov, 22, is the silver medalist of the Russian Championship.

On Wednesday, the two-time Olympic biathlon champion, adviser to the Minister of Sports Anna Bogaliy, said that the Russian Ministry of Sports is preparing a reservation system for professional athletes from the mobilization.


Source : MatchTV

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