“In figure skating, it is not customary to take Russian music. But we have to introduce it slowly “- Popova on the new program of Pavlyuchenko and Khodykin

Choreographer Betina Popova says why for figure skaters short program Daria Pavlyuchenko and Denis Khodykin the Russian song “Indigo” performed by Dana Sokolova and Scrooge was chosen.

— The public received this program very warmly. We were very worried about that, actually, because we tried to make that program specifically for the viewer. In our country, in our wonderful Russian language, a song played. Although there are usually a lot of foreign artists, it is usually not usual to take Russian music in figure skating. But we have to introduce it slowly, and when, if not now?

On the international scene, probably no one would appreciate Russian songs in such a situation. And for his audience, it is understandable, interesting and new. The public appreciated it and we are extremely happy that it happened.

The experts also reacted rather well to this choice. Of course, we had quite a few technical errors, because the program is still raw and not well developed. So basically there were complaints about the stuffiness of the program, not its concept.

We were told, “The program as a whole is good, but it needs to be integrated. What is the truth, – Gazeta.Ru quotes Popova


Source : MatchTV

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