Those registered for the sixth TC date in Rafaela

Those registered for the sixth TC date in Rafaela

On the following note, check out the list of registrants who will attend the sixth date of Road Tourism in Rafaela.

Those registered for the sixth TC date in Rafaela

Turismo Carretera will face the “Race of 3 million” at Rafaela racetrack this weekend and for that special date there will be 49 drivers on the track. Who will get the highest price?

Fifth edition of this special competition

Sunday’s final is the fifth edition with a prize for the winner Rafaela. The first three gave away a million and Mariano Werner, Emiliano Spataro and Mauricio Lambiris were the winners. Then came the 2 million editions and the winner was José Manuel Urcera.

What time is the final?

The final competition of TC in Rafaela will start on Sunday from 1:15 pm and the winner will get 3 million pesos.

Enrolled List

Werner, Mariano

Canapino, Agustin

Lambiris, Mauritius

Gianini, John Paul

DiPalma, Luis Jose

Todino, German

Ardusso, Facundo

Welcome, Juan Cruz

Pernia, Leonel

Castilian, Jonathan

Santero, Julian

Ledesma, Christian

Agrelo, Marcelo

Gini, Esteban

Mazzacane, Gaston

Landa, Mark

De Benedictis J., Juan B.

Mangoni, Santiago

Ciantini, Diego

Bonelli, Nicholas

Urcera, Jose Manuel

Moriatis, Emmanuel

Truco, Juan Martin

Trosset, Nicholas

Ebarlin, Juan Jose

Ruggiero, Alan

Ponce De Leon, Gabriel

of London, Ayrton

Fontana, Norbert

Costanzo, Paul

Aguirre, Valentine

Jacobs, Andres

Ferrante, Gaston

Catalan Magni, Juan Tomas

Spataro, Emiliano

Alaux, Sergio

Put it on, Martin

Cotignola, Nicholas

Nolesi, Mathias

Rossy, Matias

Della Motta, Facundo

Bruno, Juan Martin

Candles, Kevin

Ramos, Christian Ivan

Lie down, Christian

Carinelli, Augusto

Serrano, Martin

Mulet, Leandro

Iribarne, Federico

Source: Tycsports

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