Formula 1 bomb: “Seven teams will lose last four GP”

The Red Bull team manager launched the blunt conclusion as referring to the budget limit imposed by the FIA ​​on all teams. Premonition or exaggeration?

The Formula 1 live the days of controversy as a result of budget limits imposed by the FIA. This controversy was shaken by what strong statements from Ferrari and Mercedes Benzin addition to the clear definition of Christian Hornerteam leader red bullWHO ensuring that if the limit is not raised “seven teams likely to miss the last four races of the year“.

Bombshell in Formula 1: “At this rate, seven teams will lose the last four GPs”

The salary limit in 2021 is 145 million dollars per team, but the FIA ​​decided to lower it to 140 million in 2022, to narrow the gaps between teams. Immediately, several crew chiefs objected to the move. “There is no way for us to stay below the limit. At some point, we will get past it“he said mattia Binottoresponsible for ferrari.

Christian Horner and Mattia Binotto

The Director of Engineering Mercedes Benz, Andrew Shovlinasserted that the leader of the German team, toto wolffcorresponds to his pair from Maranello: “We had a plan that kept us on budget and working under the limit, like everyone else. But costs, such as transportation costs, have increased. The effects of inflation have all been made immeasurable“.

That’s where Horner’s statements to the BBC came, which shook the F1 world: “Energy costs, living costs, are all growing hard and F1 is no exception. Transportation was four times and out of our control. At this rate, seven teams are likely to miss the last four races of the year. It’s not just about big teams. It’s also about middle teams that are really fighting inflation“.

Christian Horner

There are rumors already Red Bull’s position is due to the fact that they have already spent two-thirds of their total budget in an attempt not to beat Ferrari., a team that started the year in vigor but is now fully competing with the Austrians for leadership in both the drivers and constructors championships. About, Helmut MarkoThe team’s main adviser, denied the rumors and even threw a “stick” at the Italians: “I don’t think we’re in a significant difference than Ferrari in terms of budget. Especially since I’m wondering what effect Carlos Sainz’s crashes have had on him. That can’t be cheap“.

F1 controversy over the budget limit: what Otmar Szafnauer said

Surprisingly, the position of some of those teams in the middle of the field is almost the opposite of Horner’s position. When the time came to vote on the proposal to adjust the budget limit using figures from the International Monetary Fund as reference, Vote against Alfa Romeo, Alpine, Haas and Williams.

Otmar Szafnauer

Otmar Szafnauerteam leader Alpinealso spoke to the BBC and stood on the sidewalk in front of Horner: “We set our budgets in advance. We anticipated a little inflation, not suddenly. If we can, so can others. I don’t think the solution is to increase the limit“.

According to these groups, their budgets are below the limitthus increasing the latter this is only in favor of the difference between the teams. So far, the salary cap will remain at $ 140 million and is planned to be below $ 135 million by 2023.

Source: Tycsports

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