Nikita Mazepin saved a drowned ATV from the river during the Ladoga Trophy

Motorsport journalist Sergei Belostotsky in your YouTube channel showed how the ex-pilot of “Formula 1” Nikita Mazepin during a performance at the Ladoga Trophy, overcoming a river that overflowed its banks, a drowned ATV was rescued.

The Russian rider was helped by his teammate, Dakar Rally marathon winner Sergey Karyakin. Together the race material was saved. As Belostotsky told , the rescue operation lasted about 40 minutes.

— The Formula season ended quite quickly for me. I’ve always liked quads, in my free time I’ve always done buggies. Then Sergey Karyakin and I, with whom we are currently working in the direction of rally raids, had the idea to come here. So we came here,” Mazepin said.

The Ladoga Trophy off-road festival will end on June 12.

Source : MatchTV

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