Josito Di Palma won the Top Race final in Buenos Aires

The driver from Arrecife got the victory over Gálvez. Jorge Barrio and Gastón Rossi completed the podium.

Josito Di Palma closed out the beautiful weekend on the fifth date of the Top Race in Buenos Aires, because after achieving pole position on Saturday, he dominated from end to end in the final. Accompanied by Barrio and Rossi.

The race began with Josito Di Palma leading the peloton, accompanied by Ciarrocchi, Llaver, Barrio and Azar. The latter lost some placements in the first spike. While Safety Car came in due to multiple mistakes at Ascari involving Stefano Di Palma, Capurro and Aldrighetti, who were able to continue the race.

For his part, Llaver went to the pits and left “Fefo” Di Palma. Laps later the final was relaunched with Josito Di Palma in first place, followed by Ciarrocchi, Barrio, Azar and Rossi, who assisted Guerra.

On the fourth lap, the Safety Car was there again due to Gastaldi’s mistake. With 17 minutes left, the riders once again accelerated to full throttle with Josito Di Palma leading, Ciarrocchi second and Barrio third. For his part, Reutemann left the track after brushing up on Guerra.

In turn, Verriello circled the entrance on the slow side of the track, it didn’t dodge Perea and hit him. By this incident the competition was neutralized. In 9 laps the action returned with Josito Di Palma in privileged position, followed by Barrio and Rossi. While Ciarrocchi gets lost in Ascari and then goes to the pits.

Finally it was victory for Josito Di Palma in the final of the Top Race, followed by Barrio, Rossi, Azar and the completion of the best five Lucas Guerra. Behind are Palau, Otero, Felippo, Chiriano and Aldrighetti.

The next date of the 2022 Top Race season is on July 10 in El Villicum.

Source: Tycsports

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