TC2000: What will happen to Honda in 2023?

The future of Honda in the TC2000 is unknown and this was announced by Víctor Rosso, who was present on the date of the Termas de Río Hondo.

This is not another weekend for the Honda team. For structure there is a mix of sensations. On the one hand, they celebrated Sprint and Fabián Yannantuoni’s good work in the final and, on the other hand, they were angry at the abandonment of Facundo Ardusso. One from Las Parejas returned left empty but in contrast he noticed an improvement in the Civic he has been using since Neuquén’s career.

Before the next commitment, which will be in Alta Gracia on the first weekend of July, the team will do intense testing to be able to squeeze more into each of its units.

Why is Rosso in Termas de Río Hondo?

Víctor Rosso’s presence shouldn’t attract attention but this time it is. “Bichin” not only joined his entire group but also chatted with Alejandro Levy. The theme: this is continuation for next year. According to comments, Cordovan will put everything he has into TCR South America. Furthermore, Víctor announced that his son Juan Ángel Rosso, Team leader, will no longer manage the team.

Although nothing was said and they wanted to wait for what would happen, inwardly they felt that the road to the journey had an end and at the end of 2022.

In this second semester, everyone will have hard work. In the first place, everyone makes up the team because they want to leave a strong brand whenever TC 2000 is well positioned and, on the other hand, the category leadership will think about how to keep the units that that’s in case Rosso does the audible What is Honda for 2023?

Source: Tycsports

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