Castellano on TN pineapple: “Sports Commissioners need to be stricter”

The Lobería pilot gave his opinion on the accident last Sunday at TN’s C3 in Neuquén.

Class 3 of National Tourism in Neuquén marked a rocky start. For the first time, there have been many accidents caused by the interaction between Leonel Larrauri and Julián Santero and this situation has generated a lot of opinions from environmental pilots.

What did the Castilian say?

Jonatan Castellano, involved in the maneuver, gave his opinion on Carburando: “Clearly the resolution had to be taken beforehand. Perhaps the stewards wanted to make sure, but it was clear on a side camera how the first brake, the third brake and the second did not and were causing some broken vehicles, to hit. And it continues to be seen that many who don’t lift end up winning and that’s not good. “.

On the other hand, “Pinchito” pointed out that certain limits need to be strengthened so that these accidents do not happen again: “I think we all like sheet metal, but it also has limitations. In my case, I was getting a touch from a rookie at the beginning and it seemed normal. They adapt to going to the plate and then it doesn’t happen. The category is the best show, but it is necessary to strengthen some limitations ”.

Furthermore, when asked if the Trustees should be stricter, he replied: “Yes. Perhaps a red flag seems excessive for a first corner, but for sure the lesson is what happened, happened. Many passed without getting up and gaining position. We clearly know that the accidents we regret most are the situations when vehicles sometimes cross with poor vision.

Source: Tycsports

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