(VIDEO) A man invaded the Rafaela circuit and stripped in the middle of the Fiat 600 race

The unusual moment left the competitors and the audience in shock: luckily, they were able to remove him from the scene before the incident escalated.

He Santafesino Zonal Tourism lived a comment as incredible as it is strange to Rafaela racetrack. completely end of Fiat 600 race, A man who came out of the audience attacked the track, but not before taking off his clothes burst into the path of cars completely naked.

The surreal scene was perfectly captured in the official broadcast of the event, where the narrator shouted, absorbed: “No! What is that man doing over there?” The invader, in fact, began jump in front of cars centimeters from the asphalt, causing fear for his physical integrity based on not knowing his mental state and the possible reaction of the pilots before the surprise. Fortunately, no accidents happened.

Finally, the competition is neutralized and the safety car entered, to finally be taken by a rescue team van the man on his way to the local police station. The race continued until Agustín Ghiotti’s victory led by Hernán Crippa and Iván Alovatti.

Source: Tycsports

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