IndyCar to Argentina? The HISTORIC pilot who requested it was “for points”

The historic former driver pointed to the possibility of expanding the category outside the United States next season and asked that, wherever it is raced, it should always be with the championship at stake.

Waiting for the 2024 calendar of IndyCar reveal, the focus is on whether the category extends beyond the United States, an opportunity in which Argentina was helpful. Because of this possibility, One who supported the disciplined landing on Argentine soil, but stressed that it should be “for points”, is the historic pilot Mario Andretti.

IndyCar had its heyday when it was televised or broadcast in 120 countries, in the early ’90s. They have to start over, but I think the sport is going through a good moment right now, in general. I would love to see, not the non-scoring events, but the championship events if racing outside the United States“Andretti began to explain the dialogue

Mario Andretti

At that moment he brought the possibility that Argentina, driven by the excellent performance of the pilot Agustín Canapino together Hollinger Racing Juncos last season, he joined the calendar: “It’s not about saying: ‘Ok, we’re going to Argentina, but it’s not a points race.’ Formula 1 was there before; Silverstone used to have a non-scoring race. That doesn’t work. It just doesn’t make sense. You have to do something that makes sense so that everyone’s effort is 100 percent. And unless it’s for the championship, everyone will say, ‘Well, I guess we need to relax on that one.’ That doesn’t work. Then don’t do it. You either do it right, get in there with both feet, or stay out.“.

Without mentioning Argentina, which examined the possibility that the IndyCar spread outside the United States is Bobby Rahalwinner of indy 500 in 1986 and co-owner of Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing: “It has to be worth it for the teams, for the series. When we were racing in Australia and Japan, those two events in particular, the profits were huge. Australia is very good. Brazil is good, but I think Brazil still owes CART after all these years. I think CART is gone, but I think they still owe money. But with quality events like Australia and Japan, they are points events. And if you’re going to go that route, I don’t know why you wouldn’t make it a points race“.

Agustín Canapino

IndyCar exhibitions in Argentina that enhance its arrival in the country

The arrival of Agustín Canapino in IndyCar by the hand of Hollinger Reeds The race opened the door for the category to have a strong presence in the country through exhibitions. The driver from Reef spun his car twice in 2022 on Argentine soil: first, at Autodromo Termas de Río Hondo in Santiago del Estero and later, at Oscar and Juan Gálvez in Buenos Aires.


Both milestones are marked the first time in 51 years that an IndyCar car has opened on Argentine soil since Al Unser won the Indy 300 at the Rafaela Autodrome. Now, with the 33-year-old driver fresh off his first season in the category – where he finished in 21st position as a rookie – the odds have increased and IndyCar is a little closer to returning. Of course, let it be for the points.

Source: Tycsports

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