What does Max Verstappen need to become F1 champion at the Qatar GP?

What does Max Verstappen need to become F1 champion at the Qatar GP?

The Dutchman is the driver’s World Championship leader and could be crowned this weekend if results go his way.

This Sunday there will be Qatar Grand Prix, which will be the seventeenth race of the 2023 season of Formula 1and the Dutch Red Bull driver Max Verstappen He could be crowned three-time world champion, but what does it take for him to achieve it?

In the run-up to the Qatar sprint race, which also adds points, Verstappen tops the Drivers’ Championship with 400 units and he is closely followed by his teammate Sergio Pérez with 223, while further behind is Lewis Hamilton, with 190.

With 180 points remaining in the remaining six races (with three sprint races), The 26-year-old driver is only three 3 points away from securing a new titlethe third in a row in the highest category of world motorsport.

F1 Verstappen

In this wayIf Verstappen finishes sixth or better this Saturday in the sprint race he will take the trophy as no other driver could catch up to him for the rest of the tournament. If not achieved, He will have a chance to achieve the same position in Sunday’s race.

What are the options for Verstappen to become F1 champion in Qatar?

  • If Checo Pérez takes the lead in the Sprint, Verstappen should finish sixth.
  • If Pérez finishes second in the Sprint, Verstappen needs at least seventh place.
  • If Pérez finishes third in the Sprint, Verstappen will finish eighth.
  • If Pérez finishes fourth or lower in the Sprint, Verstappen will be champion regardless of his position.

Source: Tycsports

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