“The attack on me in the press was inhumane.” FIA boss responds to accusations of sexism

The president of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), Mohammed ben Sulayem, commented on the sexist remarks attributed to him.

A quote was found on an archived version of Bin Sulayem’s old website that said he “doesn’t like women who think they are smarter than men, because they are not “.

—Did I say we’re smarter? No. Did I say they are less intelligent? No. For God’s sake, if this is the only thing they have against me, please people can look at what was said and if I said anything against women. In the 117 years of the FIA’s existence, I am the only president to appoint a woman as CEO [Натали Робин]. I created an EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) commission and invited a woman. The attack on me in the press at the start of the year was inhumane, given the tragedy I experienced (in March, the son of the head of the FIA ​​was killed in a car accident – editor’s note.) Don’t make things up and throw things like that in my face. Because when I ask you to prove it, you will run away and not come back. This is not the right solution,” said the FIA ​​official, quoted by the Guardian.

Ben Sulayem succeeds Jean Todt as president of the FIA ​​in 2021.

The Guardian

Source : MatchTV

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