Micaela Varisco, the support behind three-time champion Mariano Werner

Behind a pilot, there is life and family. But behind a champion there is great support.

He 2023 Road Tourism Championship He ended up in San Juan Villicum and Mariano Werner He did not have time to celebrate his TC Pick Up title at the Autódromo Roberto Mouras in La Plata, who also had the luxury of raising a cup again a week later, but to the maximum.

In the privacy of a driver there is a team, mechanics, engineers and a family. But behind a championship like the one achieved by Werner, there is a great supporter with a first and last name: Micaela Varisco. Mother of Salvador and Rafael Werner, Mariano’s partner and present in his daily life.


I see him working every dayhow he is focused and convinced of what he wants. This year the championship will not escape him. and that’s how it was,” Micaela admitted to Carburando and continued: “If he doesn’t race with his own team, he lives watching the mechanics. He is constantly interacting with the children, with the engineer, looking for what they can improve or change. That head does not stop both for Pick Up and for Road Tourism, it is the same.

As simply as they reflect as a family, Werner’s box on a race weekend is based on smiles, games, fun and being innocent.. “As a mother, it is a great joy to be able to share this with our children and see that they love being with their father so much. The truth is it is priceless.”

Werner's father

As well as the Mariano is a pilot, he is a father and he is also Micaela’s life partner., On a weekend you can see Werner at a racetrack, but What does Mariano look like outside of motorsports?

“As it is in sport, it is in life. He is passionate about what he does from the first mate at six in the morning, even if he arrives very late, he gets up at six and brought me the first partner. We woke the children as usual with joy. Mariano is not tired, he does not complain.” And Werner’s routine as a father is constantly taking his two children to school while Micaela goes to work or the other way around, but both are always there.

“I could spend hours talking and telling anecdotes about Mariano because he is a character, he is passionate, romantic, sweet, loving, helpful…” Micaela said to Carburando between smiles.

As the public knows, Mariano is present in the daily life of the car and his colleagues and since they have a workshop in Paraná, Entre Ríos, they often have to travel to Buenos Aires to find spare parts. “Even if he or one of the boys had to go to Buenos Aires ten times a week, Mariano moves heaven and earth until he doesn’t get what he wants. So that also speaks of how things have gone for him and the passion he put into it,” Mica continued in the conversation.

Mariano and team

“What is surprising about Mariano as a person?”was one of the questions given to Micaela.

– “He lived a surprising life for me, of I admire perseverance, passion, tireless love; He never gets tired, he always moves forward. He never gets angry or sad. Sometimes I’m tired from work and He shows you a bouquet of flowers and an office dedication that, when you think there is no better dedication, he appears to have something more.”

Source: Tycsports

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