TC: Triumph for Canapino and Ortelli was 14th in his last career

At Toay Autodrome, TC played on the fourth date of the year, on an emotional weekend.

TC: Triumph for Canapino and Ortelli was 14th in his last career

Turismo Carretera held its fourth date at the Provincia de La Pampa racetrack with a tire change, where Agustín Canapino achieved his second consecutive win in the category and completely caught up with the championship. Guillermo Ortelli finished 14th at the TC farewell.

This is the final

The final began with Canapino leading the group, accompanied by Benvenuti, Di Palma, Mangoni and De Benedictis. After one lap, the Torino man defeated the “Titan” and he was the new leader. For their part, Pernía and Todino defeated “Johnnito”.

In the sixth lap, De Benedictis could not withstand Rossi’s pressure and the “Missile” climbed to seventh place. On the eighth lap, the pits opened and the first to change the wheel was leader Benvenuti, who had difficulty getting back on track and lost time.

Then Canapino, Di Palma, Lambiris, Aguirre. Mangoni leads, but he still doesn’t stop. After one lap, Rossi also met Toyota’s race requirement.

Track leader Mangoni made his pit stop and returned to the track in second place behind Canapino. Di Palma was third, Benvenuti fourth and Todino fifth.

On lap 17, after a few laps ahead, Ortelli went into the pits to change tires and returned to track 19th in the Chevrolet. Todino and Pernía then overtook Di Palma and advanced to sixth and seventh places. For his part, Candela left and entered the Safety Car.

With 8 laps remaining, the competition was re -launched with Canapino in first position, followed by Mangoni, Benvenuti, Todino and Pernía. Shortly after the end, Ortelli tried to overtake Landa in the fight for 15th place, the Torino man turned around and had to go into the pits.

Finally it was a victory for Canapino in the TC final in La Pampa, which was joined by Mangoni, Benvenuti, Todino and finished best five Leonel Pernía. In the back are Rossi, Gianini, De Benedictis and Esteban Gini. For his part, in his farewell, he finished 14.

In the championship, Todino leads with 152.5, followed by Benvenuti with 146 and Canapino with 143. The next date for Road Tourism is on May 8 at the Termas de Río Hondo circuit.

Source: Tycsports

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