F1: “The Ferrari is 14 HP ahead”said a Mercedes executive

Toto Wolff ignited the debate about Ferrari’s performance in Formula 1 today.

The potential Ferrari has shown in the early dates of the 2022 F1 season has caught the attention of the entire environment.

“I just congratulate you”

“I just congratulate you”identified toto wolff, director of Mercedes, about the Ferrari power unit. And I added: “We’re seeing a big step forward from Ferrari since last year. They used to have about 14 hp on the back, but now they have another 14 hp ahead”.

A breakthrough in a short time

In addition, Wolff made sure of that “never before in this championship has there been a breakthrough in such a short time” related to the power unit, but now they have “verified that they had done so”. Therefore, from Brackley the only thing left is to continue to work to solve their current gaps using an F1-75, against which they just don’t have to match power.

The constructors ’champion car of the past 8 years also has other vulnerabilities such as porpoising that they will try to solve in the next races as they look for a way to neutralize them, with Ferrari they continue taking advantage.

Ferrari dominated at the start of F1 2022

Source: Tycsports

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