TC2000: 200 Kilometers of Buenos Aires has a date

Alejandro Levy, head of Tango Motorsport, confirmed to Carburando that this season there will be another edition of the 200km of Buenos Aires.

The 2024 TC2000 calendar is now underway. The first date takes place in Concordia, where Alejandro Levy He spoke with Carburando and confirmed that the 200km of Buenos Aires will also be part of the agenda this year.

The man in charge of Tango Motorsport He said, October 13 is the set date for the competition and announced that they are already discussing how they will organize it.

“Last year we had a successful 200km with the Stock Car, a category with a lot of experience and prestige, that accompanied us and we gave a great show for people in a racetrack with more than 70 thousand people. Very happy with that and it challenges us and demands that we do the same or surpass it,” he concluded.

Source: Tycsports

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