The director of the All-Russian Federation of Fidget Sports spoke about the participation of European pilots in fidget races in the “Games of the Future”.

Director of the All-Russian Federation of Physical Sports Dmitry Grigoriev answered the question whether it was difficult in the current political situation to achieve the participation of European drivers in physical races within the framework of the “Games of future “.

On Sunday, the Sochi Autodrom will host the final of the phygital races as part of the Future Games. 14 teams took part in the competition, including athletes from 13 countries: Australia, Belarus, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Russia, USA and Uzbekistan.

— The phygital races were moved from Kazan to Sochi, mainly due to weather conditions. In winter at KazanRing it would not be so colorful and safe. Sirius brings together runners from all over the world. Almost no nationalities are repeated. Maybe a little more Russians than others, but in general, from all over the world.

The format is very interesting. Before that, we twice held test competitions in Kazan in a reduced format. We tested different methods for changing drivers to one format or another. We have arrived at the current version. One driver starts the race in one car, drives 25 laps to the pit lane and hands over to a partner already seated in the simulator. Then they change simulators after a few laps, the one who passed the baton will prepare again for the physical race of 25 laps. And we will see a colorful and already physical finish.

Formula 4 is already a serious car. Only three Formula 1 units. All drivers are licensed and have extensive experience. Professionalism is the main requirement for riders to participate in these competitions.

I am sure that with the arrival of this batch of cars, the classic Formula 4 race without digital part will take place regularly. I hope the physical format catches on. It will be interesting for spectators, sponsors and organizers. But I think the classic race itself will now be held regularly in Russia.

— How did you manage to bring European runners here in the current conditions?

— The “Games of the Future” are absolutely apolitical. There are no national teams participating here, but athletes who view their sport as a sport and not a political game. Whoever wants to participate. There was no special invitation or permission. An exceptionally sporting moment,” reports the correspondent, according to Grigoriev’s words.

Multiple winner of international races Roman Rusinov, former participants of the Formula 3 championship Michael Belov and Alexander Smolyar, champion of Russia in circuit racing Irina Sidorkova, winner of the American Le Mans Series Luis Diaz, participant of the championship, came to Sochi to participate in physical races “Formula 1” and “Formula E” Roberto Merhi and many others.

The “Games of the Future” take place in Kazan from February 21 to March 3. The sports program includes competitions in 21 disciplines at 10 sports facilities in Kazan and Sochi, with the participation of athletes from more than 100 countries.

Broadcasts of the Future Games competitions take place on the channels of the Match sub-holding, as well as on streaming platforms.

Source : MatchTV

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