Who is Flaco Traverso and his importance in Argentine motorsports

El Flaco died this Saturday at the age of 73 and left an undeniable and indelible legacy in the history of motor sports at the national level.

  • Juan María Traverso, the legend of motorsports, has died

Juan María Traverso died, legend of Argentine motorsports, at 73 years old. behind the wheel, Few drivers are more important to the history of motor sports than Flacowho knows how to dominate the Road Tourism from debut in 1972 until his retirement in 2005 when hanging the helmet with the six championships under his belt.

Traverso was born in Buenos Aires and has always claimed Ramallo as his hometown. by living there most of his life and choosing that location to not only live but also carry out his personal museum, with its most memorable trophies and cars. From the beginning he showed great interest in cars and its official premiere was not long in coming.r his first experience in 1971, the beginning of an upward trajectory that in 1977 and 1978 would make him the champion of Road Tourism.

In the following decade he had a short experience in F2 Europe before returning to the country and first great TC2000 figurecategory in which he led his Renault Fuego and managed to establish himself champion for seven seasons (1986, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1995) before returning to TC. first in Chevrolet and then with FordFlaco showed he’s still more relevant than ever and managed four new titles (three with Chivo, consecutively, in 1995, 1996 and 1997, and a final assignment to Óvalo in 1999). Traverso was also there at Top Race and in that category he achieved three more championshipssurely here he will achieve his last conquest of the season 2003 to accompany the two preceding ones 1998 and 1999.

Traverso’s last victory was in 2004 at Olavarríathat will be success number 46 in Road Tourism the The third driver with the most career wins behind only Juan Gálvez and Roberto “Toro” Mouras and 155 races in total in his career. After his retirement in 2005, Flaco was always linked to Argentine Flyers Association (AAV)pilot mutual fund that provides medical coverage to riders and licenses.

Traverso remains imprinted in the memory for his way of being both on and off the track.the pilot was not afraid to be reckless also outside the same nor he’s afraid to say what he thinks and that means a lot of back and forth with other pilots as well as in charge of the sport’s authorities over the years, which also transformed him into one of the most iconic characters in national sport because of his way of being.

Source: Tycsports

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