VIDEO: Hadjar’s miraculous maneuver to avoid a crash in Formula 2

The French driver avoided Ritomo Miyata at the last moment in one of the corners of the Monaco circuit, where qualifying took place today.

The classification for Grand Prix of Monaco of Formula 2 This Friday he delivered an impressive image through a pure reflex maneuver a crash that could have had serious consequences was avoided. The great opponent is the French Isaac Hajdar, who, in the inner part of the circuit, had to avoid the Japanese Ritomo Miyata, coming very slowly around the curved part of the tunnel, an almost blind spot for those coming from behind who probably didn’t expect to meet a car at such a low speed.

The video of the maneuver quickly went viral on social networks in many countries, surprising it the timely turn hit by Hajdar. What’s also amazing is that when he swerved to the left to avoid hitting the rear of Miyata’s car, he had to quickly. straighten the car to avoid hitting the wall.

The Monaco sprint race in Formula 2, this Saturday with Colapinto

Franco Colapinto will run this Saturday, starting at 9:15, the sprint race of the Monaco Grand Prix of Formula 2. The Argentine has just climbed to the top of the podium for the first time this season in Imola, after winning the sprint in Imola, and now he wants to take advantage of this wonderful moment in Monte Carlo.

The Pilar native was third in his classification group (the fastest of the two) in Friday’s tests, which is why he will start sixth in the sprint and fifth in the feature race.

Source: Tycsports

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