Death threat to Pourchaire, Canapino statement and repercussions even in F1

The Argentine IndyCar driver released a statement on

The Argentine released a statement on his networks after his fans threatened Pouchaire (Matthew Ashton – AMA/Getty Images).

Agustín Canapino finished 12th at the IndyCar Detroit Grand Prix last weekend and it was one of his best races, where at one point he was in third place. When he came to finish in the top ten, the Argentine experienced a crash on lap 60 by Frenchman Theo Pourchaire that hurt his car and its performance. AND There was controversy among the networks.

After the crash, both Canapino and Ricardo Juncos hurled multiple insults at the Frenchman heard over the car radio. Alignment is said to be affected and performance is compromised. And they closed: “A son of a thousand f…”.

The Arrow McLaren team driver received death threats after his collision with the Argentine and, a day after the race, he posted on his personal X account (ex Twitter): “I am saddened to have received so much hate and death threats in the last 24 hours for a small incident at the Detroit GP. I hope people understand that we are all human and can make mistakes. But It’s not normal to abuse people online.. Please be kind to each other”, cited the statement from his team, in which they indicated that they will not tolerate any kind of abuse or discrimination.


Canapino, for his part, “liked” several messages that tried to “amplify” Pouchaire’s post and, After the criticism he received, he had to come out to clarify.

“Of course I am against abuse and hatred. Of course those who do this are not part of or welcome in our community.” AND, to defend himself and his followers, whom they consider violenthe added: “We Argentines are passionate and euphoric, but That doesn’t mean they have to accuse us of something we’re not, so I categorically deny that they’re generalizing us and putting us all in a place we don’t deserve.”.


I received and continue to receive abuse and hate. I learned to live with it years ago, as many people do and choose to ignore them, There is nothing sadder and more miserable than hiding behind a social network to insult” added Canapino.

The position of Formula 1 regarding the case of Canapino and Pourchaire

The CEO of McLaren and one of the owners of Arrow McLaren, Zac Brown, did not go unnoticed in this controversial social media crossing. He responded to the Frenchman Pourchaire with a message of unity: “Sad and pitiful. Keep it up, champion“.

Zach Brown

Source: Tycsports

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