Canapino speaks for the first time after his IndyCar clash: “It was a great learning experience”

Canapino speaks for the first time after his IndyCar clash: “It was a great learning experience”

Agustín Canapino broke his silence after several weeks in which he was at the center of controversies.

In the last two weeks, Agustín Canapino he found himself involved in what was his biggest controversy since he came to IndyCar. Now with calmer waters, the Titan includes specialized media Carbureting In an interview that lasted approx half an hour and counted in detail What happened.

It all started on June 2 in Detroit, visiting the local street layout category. During the race, Cannabis had a clash including French Theo Pouchairewhich released a barrage of criticism for both pilots. After this episode, the Hollinger Racing Juncos the Argentine has decided do not join of a later date, at Road Americawith the aim of take care of it. From that moment, some fans started think your way out of the category, which is completely thrown away.

On Wednesday the 12th, Hollinger Reeds conclude the situation by the statement that confirmed the return of the reef for the day at Laguna Seca. In this context, Cannabis talked about lesson you learned Because of this situation, he emphasized that in condition to return to the slopes and gave details of when his future will be resolved for the 2025 season.

“Everything happened very quickly and nobody wanted it, which is the main issue. I didn’t expect or like what happened, I never thought it could happen, but it did. The team, when that moment came on Friday morning, after a whole intense week with very crazy things, was considered not, in that context, calm enough to drive IndyCa.r, so they decided to take care of me, also take care of the team and the category, under their philosophy and vision”expressed Cannabis.

And he concluded: “Logically, at that time, I did not understand, but now I understand and see clearly, for me, in that sense, it was a great lesson.where one can look at things from one point of view, but here it looks different in many things, but particularly when it comes to being calm and ready to face the weekend. For me it was a great learning experience, even if it wasn’t easy for anyone, but it was the best decision that could have been made. I understand that for Argentina what happened was strange, but you have to understand that here things are seen and studied differently and everything that happened was very atypical. The anguish I felt at that moment was that the Team Manager together with Brad (Hollinger) and Ricardo (Juncos) decided to give me a break and come back to the next race renewed and with more energy”.

Furthermore, Cannabis He left a message to his followers who have supported him in recent weeks: “Hopefully this will be a good learning for everyone and we will be aware. I run here and I ask all our followers to adapt and understand the cultural difference that exists here (United States). Let’s be aware and focus on reconsidering and considering what it will produce.”

Finally, the Titan added: “I want everyone to understand the scale of doing this in social networks, and it’s not something to be taken lightly. Let’s be cooperative because a door has been opened to cause harm and hopefully we can all work together to fight it.”.

Canapino walks in the Indy500

Source: Tycsports

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